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  • We have a wide range of Airtech tooling boards, surface fills, prepregs, and epoxy tubes necessary for you to perform your process.   


  •  If we don’t have it in stock we can quickly get it special ordered for you.


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Name Description
CEP Carbon Prepregs Cyanate / epoxy tooling prepreg
TMFP Fiberglass & TMGP Carbon Prepregs Epoxy tooling prepregs
LTC Fiberglass & Carbon Prepregs Low temperature curing epoxy tooling prepregs
Beta Prepreg High stability room temperature storage tooling system
Beta TX670 DISCO Prepreg  (New) High stability room temperature storage tooling system
TMR 2001A / TMH 2001B High temperature laminating resin for room temperature cure
TMSF 5001A / TMH 5001B Surface fill
TMSF 5005A / TMH 5005B Hard surface fill
Airfill 2 High temperature quick setting filler paste
Carbon and fiberglass fabrics Fabrics for resin infusion and standard laminate tooling
TMSFR 5100A / TMSFHR 5100B Surface coat with reflow for our prepreg tooling systems
Masterbar® 300 High temperature fiberglass/ epoxy structural tubes
Masterbar® 400 High temperature carbon fiber/ epoxy tubes
Masterbar® composite tube fitting
Masterbar® C.T.F. Fitting Configurations
Masterflex ”S” series Flexible spiral square tube
TB-G48 & TB-F48 High temperature carbon/epoxy & fibreglass/epoxy tooling boards