Airtech Miscellaneous Tools

  • We have a wide range of Airtech protective foils, damming materials, shrink tapes, and miscellaneous tools necessary for you to perform your layup process.   


  •  If we don’t have it in stock we can quickly get it special ordered for you.


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Name Description
Airdam 1 Rubber edge damming material
A 575/ A 575 RC Polyester shrink tape
Dahlar® MLF 52 Fluorocarbon shrink tape
Permagrip Perforated aluminum strip
Auto-Couple Calibrated,fully assembled thermocouples and extensions
Airsweep HDPE paddle
Airsweep R2 & R3 Composite laminating tools for prepregs and fabrics
Shop Shears Light weight, strong shears for cutting composite materials
Durocast table top Non-contaminating cutting surface
VacLeak LEQ-70 Standard ultrasonic vacuum leak detector
Air-Roller 232 Hand roller for sealant tape application