Airtech Resin Infusion Supplies

  • We have a wide range of hardware items necessary for you to perform your bagging process.   


  • From quick releases, pressure gauges, regulators, or high or low-temperature resistant hoses, we have what you need. If we don’t have it in stock we can quickly get it special ordered for you.


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Name Description
Toolfusion® 1A/ 1B High temperature tooling infusion resin with room temperature initial cure
Toolfusion® 3 High temperature infusion resin with low initial cure temperature
Infusioncoat® 1A/ 1B Non-sagging, high temperature surface coat
Resinflow 60 Red extruded resin distribution medium
Greenflow 75 High performance, low profile resin distribution medium
Blueflow 88  (New) High performance, low profile resin distribution mesh
Carbon and fiberglass fabrics Fabrics for resin infusion and standard laminate tooling
Carbon Triaxial Fabrics  (New) Performance fabrics for Toolfusion® Tooling
Resin infusion auxiliary materials Tubing, spiral tubing and fittings
Resinflow 90 HT Clear high temperature resin distribution medium
Flowlease 75-37P16  (New) Combined product
Flowlease 88-37P16  (New) High performance, low profile resin distribution mesh
OF313, OF500, OF750 & OF1000 Silicone rubber omega flow lines
OF 625V & 750V Vinyl omega flow lines
Dahlpac MC79-1 Vacuum breather pad with zero resin bleed for resin infusions
Vac-Ric HT  (New) High temperature resin infusion connector with flat base
Vac-Ric LT  (New) Low temperature resin infusion connector with flat base
RIC Inexpensive resin infusion connector
RB 451 Vacuum reservoir for resin infusion
Resin line clamp Flanged locking plier
Airtac 2 Spray contact adhesive for temporary bonding
Airtac 3  (New) Spray adhesive for temporary bonding
Resin infusion starter kit Starter kit for resin infusion technology
Econotac 2 Economical contact spray adhesive
Tac-Strip Dry fabric placement tape